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For Rent

(Русский) Аренда элитных вилл в Греции

  • (Русский) Общая площадь 260 m²
  • (Русский) Комнат 5
For Sale

(Русский) Купить отель в Греции от владельца

  • (Русский) Общая площадь 250 m²
  • (Русский) Комнат 16
For Rent

(Русский) Квартира в аренду на Халкидики

  • (Русский) Общая площадь 55 m²
  • (Русский) Комнат 1
For Rent

(Русский) Аренда квартир в Греции

  • (Русский) Общая площадь 50 m²
  • (Русский) Комнат 2

(Русский) Аренда авто


(Русский) Аренда яхт


(Русский) Организация Вашей свадьбы в Греции!


Your house by the sea, in Greece

Property in Greeece – investment in the future…

There are several reasons why buying a property in Greece is in demand with an enviable consistency.
First of all – it’s a great place to relax, where everything you need for permanent residence is included. The outstanding Mediterranean climate and warm winter, delicious Greek cuisine, local attractions can all yours,  if you just want to!
Remarkably, in Greece real estate is inexpensive relative to other Mediterranean countries, for example, France or Italy. At the same time, prices for real estate by the sea in Greece are far lower than for the same apartments in Spain.
The procedure of opening your business or renting a house is relatively simple. The profit in the latter case will be 10-15% of the cost of housing.
The simplicity and accessibility of the procedure for buying property in Greece is remarkable. There are many advantages that appear with the purchase of housing in this country. About this you can find out by contacting the specialists of the company “Mkestate”. And you will be pleasantly surprised about the opportunities that are opening before you with the purchase of real estate in Greece.
I would like to pay attention to Chalkidiki – a peninsula in the northeast of modern Greece, which is washed by the Aegean Sea. This is one of the best resort in the whole of Greece regarding its crystal clean sea and pricing. Having bought real estate in this area, you in the future can either rest in your own apartment or rent out. In any case, you will not lose money – because real estate, especially in a resort like Chalkidiki, is always in demand!
Buying the new house of your dreams with the company “Mkestate” is plain simple. From you it is only required to be present when choosing and signing the contract. Leave the rest to us!