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The buying process

Foreign citizens have the right to acquire any immovable property situated in the territory of Greece. This procedure is simple and straightforward mechanism for citizens of countries outside the European Union. On June 21, 2011 most of the tourist areas excluded from the status of the border. Buying process is faster now, whereas previously it held more than six months.

“Mk estate” will offer the most suitable real estate options in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the client . Contract of sale accompanied by a lawyer and notary,  it is impossible to buy a property without their participation in the transaction , as a lawyer and notary formal legislation. Control is carried out in the cadastral – land of the region in which the facility is located . Control subject : the presence of ownership from the seller , real estate legal purity (presence of lawsuits , arrests , etc. to buy the property ) .

If legal control successfully passed, then signed by the preliminary private contract between buyer and seller. This document will determine the real value of the property, the terms of payment of the amount, as well as the penalties in case of not signing the final notary contract. Agreement signed by the parties in two languages. Based on this contract, the buyer will transfer funds for the payment of the house through a bank.

Greece is divided into cross-border and border areas . Territories in border areas protected from acquisition of real estate by persons constituting a threat to public order and national security. Accordingly, persons who are not Greek or European citizenship for the purchase of real estate in the border area must obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Defence of the country. For this purpose, a lawyer acting on your behalf , must submit to the Ministry of Defense of Greece appropriate application, to which was attached a fairly simple set of documents. Certainly not be afraid of the above mentioned procedure . Just this procedure extended in time. Then the lawyer will issue you a tax number AFM , open a bank account and we will proceed to registration of the contract of sale . He prepared and notarized. Once a treaty in the cadastral registry ( land records ) you get ownership of the property .

Turning to the “MK estate” You shouldn’t take care anymore of the red tape with the documents and being hectic with finding real estate.
With us you will immediately realise your dream!

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