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Olympus- the mountain of Gods

Olypmus – is one the highest mountain range in Europe , its height is 2919 meters. It is a set of vertices , 40 peaks , the highest of which is Mytikas . According to Greek mythology Olympus was regarded as residence of the Olympian gods . Olympus is not only a symbol of the mythological and historical , but also National Reserve , which is characterized by its great variety . Here in 1961 was found the Temple of Zeus , the Temple of Apollo , the tomb of Orpheus , ancient statues and coins . Tourists have the opportunity to visit the monastery of St. Dionysius , which he built himself in the middle of the 16th century . In the park you can see a wide variety of rare and wonderful plants , as well as a variety of wildlife species such as the lynx , foxes, wild boars, wolves , hares , deer, mountain goats , squirrels , etc. Mount Olympus is almost always covered with snow, which provides a cool , there is silence and peace. Tourists wishing to conquer the Olympus can enjoy a safe route to recovery.

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  • Очень хорошие впечатления от восхождения на Олимп бодрый экстрим хорошее настроение .Отличный проводник.Желаю всем это пройти

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