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Thessaloniki – the second largest city in Greece , representing an exceptional interest for tourists . Look Thessaloniki , its streets and squares , like illustrations from the pages of history books , and almost did not undergo encroachment of modern architecture. There is a large part of the attractions that are proud of Greece . Thessaloniki famous for a huge number of Christian churches and monasteries, which have not changed since the days of the Byzantine Empire , in spite of a very long domination of the Turks.

Aristotle’s square , decorated with a flowerbed – the clock is known as the most beautiful and magnificent in the country, so most trips begins with her. One of the main attractions is the White Tower of Thessaloniki on the seaside promenade , is a symbol of the city , also known as the Tower of the Lions. Was erected to protect against attacks , and today is a museum tower with an observation deck , which offers a nice view . In the northeastern part of the city located Regal Residence, its founder was Galerius Maximianus . Today, from her little left but the entrance is crowned by the Arc de Triomphe palace gallery . Arch of Galerius with Rotunda ( mausoleum ) is a historical monument and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Once in the city, you will learn a lot about the history and culture of Greece. A trip to Thessaloniki unforgettable experience!

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