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Vergina is located 85 kilometers from Thessaloniki , located on the site of the ancient city of Aegeus . This is the burial place of kings and a national shrine . Here buried Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and other representatives of the same dynasty . Macedonian tombs belong to the late classical period . Impressive is the tomb of Philip II which is so-called * Prince’s grave * painted in red and blue colors, which could belong to Alexander VI, son of Alexander the Great and Roxana , who was killed in adolescence. Royal tomb consists of two rooms , the facade is decorated with a fresco depicting hunting. Tomb impresses with its contents , were found here attributes accompanying royal burial : luxury gold and purple cloth , royal scepter , funeral shield ornate armor and weapons , gold laurel wreath , so skillfully executed that leaves swaying with the slightest breath of wind . To date, the tomb covers construction in the form of reinforced concrete dome , as their protection against weathering. Visiting Vergina give you an unforgettable and vivid experience.

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