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What to buy, an island in Greece or a house in London?

In recent months, increased offer for sale of islands in Greece. Currently, about 50 private islands are for sale, most of the owners of the island had inherited. First of all, the crisis in Greece reduced significantly the price for property. With the introduction of the new single property tax, and taxation means private islands, although they form areas outside of urban development. This has led to additional costs to owners, many of which can not cover their tax obligations. Therefore, an increase in the selling private islands in Greece.
Each Greek island – is unique . So, what is better to buy? Island in the sea bathing in the sun or a house in London? For example the price of the private island of Lesbos Mikri is only 800,000 €. This is the price the house in the suburbs of London! When buying real estate in the amount of 250 000 € or more those who aren’t citizens of the EU Member States, gets granted a residence permit.

(photo of Mikri Lesbos)

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