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Crisis – time for profitable investment!

Today, Greece is in a difficult economic situation. Debt crisis led to a decrease in income, unemployment and insecurity , forcing the Greeks to revise their views and change lifestyles . All this makes you wonder buyers : what if there was a collapse in market prices of Greek real estate? But is tragic as we try to present the media? And what happens with the Greek real estate in new crisis conditions ? Prices over the past years of crisis have fallen , but it does not mean that they have plummeted . To date, the property is sold at 10-15 % cheaper , depending on the geographical location and the category of the housing . Prices for luxury housing fell by 30-40% ( they were originally too high) . Owners of expensive villas tend to sell them, because content does not justify the understated tax return . And buyers are able to confirm the validity of their income to buy them too little. Prices fell in Athens, Thessaloniki . However, the market can withstand blows of the crisis with dignity , and in the popular resort areas falling prices slightly or non-existent . Today we are not talking about a collapse , but a quite expected in a crisis decline in prices . Do not be afraid to buy resale properties ! Sell ​​it to those who can not contain a second (or third !) House . As due to the “extra” squares increases the total amount of property tax . When selecting an object worth preference estate built in the 2000s . These houses have good insulation and seismic resistance , and lower sales tax . Over time, money devalued , inflation occurs . A property despite all market price fluctuations , remains unshakable. And in the future , despite the crisis , its price is still growing . Therefore, the crisis is the time for profitable investment ! Acquiring tangible assets : real estate, land , business at the lowest prices today , increases the possibility of a few years to double and triple their value. Feel unique opportunity to acquire real estate for the minimum amount ? Then it’s time for you !

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