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Landlords are given a residence permittion in Greece.

Greek parliament on April 10 approved an amendment to the bill ” Creating a favorable environment for private investment .” Now expected to provide a residence permit in Greece for five years in order to private investors who enter into contracts for the rental of tourist facilities for a period of at least ten years. Such investments in Greece will be considered strategic . Thus, an increasing range of third-country nationals , which Greece intends to provide a residence permit. Initially it was decided that a residence permit for a period of five years will be provided to non-EU citizens who have property in Greece, whose estimated cost of 300,000 and above. Now deputies approved a new amendment to the law : the estimated value of the real estate should be 250,000 euros and more . Permit may be extended if the extended term of the contract and for the rental of real estate tourism , and despite the fact that the sum of the annual rent shall not be less than 250,000 euros. The amendment also clarifies that under certain conditions, a residence permit may give the investor and family members , upon the filing of an application. But it stays in Greece on a similar residence permit can not be counted as a period of residence for applying for citizenship Greece.

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